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Dear Friends: 
We not only point out that de Blasio is a faux progressive trading on that identity to advance his electoral chances; our campaign team is also developing an honest & progressive urban agenda. In a previous mailing, we presented a Day One pledge focused on our commitment to dismiss all the officers whose reckless & irresponsible use of force led directly to Eric Garner's death. 
In a similar spirit, here's an accounting of far-reaching reforms that we plan for our First 100 Days in office:

  • We will direct the NYPD to end quota-driven "broken windows" policing that targets low-income New Yorkers of color -- sometimes via bogus summonses & false arrests -- for engaging in minor infractions that officers virtually ignore in well-off white areas. A special urgency is involved here because "broken windows" arrests -- which de Blasio enthusiastically endorses --  for offenses like marijuana possession & fare evasion put immigrant New Yorkers at serious risk of deportation.
  • In line with the blue-ribbon Lippman Commission's recommendations, which de Blasio forcefully rejected, we will move to decriminalize these 4 offenses: fare evasion, marijuana possession, sex work, & gravity knife possession. This step, along with ending "broken windows" policing, will enable us to significantly reduce the City's incarcerated population & to close Rikers Island within the first year of our administration. 
  • We will propose & promote initiatives for implementing small classes & integrated student bodies throughout NYC's public schools. Research & experience have shown that small classes & integrated schools improve academic outcomes for all children across race and class lines.
  • We will remove big real estate & the incentives that de Blasio's government has offered it from all city plans to provide affordable housing. We will focus instead on working with the many community groups across our city who have proven experience in developing & maintaining housing that is truly affordable for low-income neighborhood residents.
  • We will add funds to the City's 2018 budget that provide for free subway & bus fares for poor New Yorkers. De Blasio has rejected all such related proposals; instead he supports the NYPD concentrating much of it resources on making fare evasion arrests, the Department's second most common arrest for last year & the first 3 months of this year. The City's own data show that about 92% of these arrests involve New Yorkers of color.

These reforms represent the central pieces of a truly progressive urban agenda, an idea that de Blasio pretends to support but whose actions betray a cautious, opportunistic approach to governing, more typical of a moderate Republican than of an activist mayor aggressively pursuing policy changes to advance social, economic, & racial justice. 
I'll close with 2 important notes: please know that we have or are developing positions on other important issues such as LGBTQ rights, green energy, economic & job development, strengthening small businesses, & parking; & please feel free to contact us with questions/comments/suggestions on these & related concerns.
As always, many thanks for your interest & support.


Bob Gangi
Mayoral Candidate