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On The Issues


criminal justice and police reform

  • Abolish “broken windows” policing that targets low-income New Yorkers of color for engaging in petty infractions that have been virtually decriminalized in well-off white communities. There is a special urgency involved here as arrests for petty offenses also put immigrant NYers at risk for deportation.
  • Eliminate the quota system for evaluating officers’ performance that emphasizes only their punitive interactions with New Yorkers and that, in effect, incentivizes bad policing.
  • Dismiss Dan Pantaleo and all the officers who engaged in the reckless and irresponsible arrest and killing of Eric Garner.
  • Decriminalize these 4 offenses: fare evasion, marijuana possession, sex work, & gravity knife possession, in line with the recommendations of the blue-ribbon Lippman Commission which de Blasio forcefully rejected. These steps will allow us to significantly decrease the city's incarcerated population. 
  • Close Rikers in the first year of our administration, saving roughly $1.3 billion for the city that could be diverted to schools, affordable housing, free metrocards, better resources for people with mental health issues
  • Allow all pre-trial detainees on Rikers Island to have charges against them dismissed, if such charges involve low-level "broken windows" infractions or violations.
  • Allow some detainees on Rikers Island, particularly those who have not been convicted of serious crimes or offenses, to be released on parole especially if the conviction was for a low-level "broken windows" offense.
  • Eliminate bail requirements for detainees awaiting trial for low-level offenses, as this unnecessarily keeps poor New Yorkers in jail for longer periods of time and criminalizes poverty.
  • Reduce the budget (the current law enforcement budget is about $10 billion), personnel, resources, and power of the NYPD, the guiding principle being in part the time-honored shibboleth that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” applied to the unchecked power of the NYPD. Instead we will add funds to the city's 2018 budget that provide for free subway & bus fares for low-income NYers.

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public schools

  • Make small class size a priority in public schools throughout New York City. Although research clearly documents that small class size improves the academic performance of all students across racial and class lines, the de Blasio administration has made no significant commitment to reduce the number of pupils in public school classes. It is relevant to note here that 62% of our city's public school children attend overcrowded schools.  
  • Promote desegregation in schools across the system. Research has also shown that integrated classes improve the academic performance of all students, yet the current administration has only a small scale pilot project pilot aimed at achieving this proven and worthy goal.
  • Hire more teachers. The city should allocate the savings from our proposed reductions to the budgets for the NYPD and city jails to support smaller classes and hire more teachers throughout our public school system. 

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affordable housing

  • Create a New York City Land Bank that will partner with the already appreciable number of experienced community-based housing groups to develop housing on city-owned vacant lots and/or to renovate and manage city-owned abandoned buildings in low-income neighborhoods throughout the city. 
  • Establish and adhere to the principle that all new housing units created in our inner-city communities are affordable for the low-income families and individuals who currently live in those neighborhoods. 
  • Designate a unit within the City's housing agency that will proactively investigate landlord abuses or illegal deregulations of existing rent stabilized units, instead of waiting for action by tenants who often do not know their their rights or fear eviction. 
  • Use the neighborhood median index, rather than the city-wide median index, to provide affordable housing to low-income and homeless New Yorkers

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Public Works Initiative

  • Create jobs for unemployed New Yorkers by funding opportunities to restore the city's infrastructure, including public roads, bridges, schools, city buildings, NYCHA housing
  • Incorporate climate protection initiatives, such as installing solar panels to city buildings, which will also provide for more employment opportunities.
  • Employ individuals within the communities that are undergoing restorations and repairs, which would include overseer and city planning positions, as well as construction jobs
  • Provide much needed restoration and upkeep of city-owned buildings and infrastructure around the 5 boroughs, especially to ensure safety of residents living or working within these buildings.   

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LGBTQI New Yorkers

  • Ensure that all LGBTQI homeless youth acquire proper housing and social services, including mental health care, legal assistance, public assistance.
  • End state and private citizen violence against the LGBTQI community, especially police brutality and private citizen violence against transgender women of color, through planned actions which are led by trans women of color community activists
  • Provide more city-funded resources for LGBTQI New Yorkers, including health care services and other support programs, which will be funded through money saved by closing rikers island and diverting funds from the BQX train project.
  • End discrimination in the workplace against LGBTQI New Yorkers, especially LGBTQI New Yorkers of color.
  • Recognize a third gender and gender non-conforming status on IDNYC cards for those individuals who identify as gender non-conforming.

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Workers' rights

  • Ensure that every worker is immediately earning a minimum liveable wage of $15 per hour, and for some selective groups of people this wage should be higher if those people have more dependents. 
  • Guarantee paid sick and family leave for all workers especially independent and low-wage workers.
  • Promote "fair work week" legislation, which facilitates worker organizing and provides full-time status to long-time employees.


  • Ensure that every individual experiencing deportation proceedings in this city has the right to counsel.
  • Do everything in our power to prohibit ICE agents from appearing in or around the vicinity of any jails, court houses, city buildings, etc.
  • Provide sanctuary spaces for undocumented immigrants in city facilities and buildings, especially if they are facing the threat of deportation or ongoing ICE raids.
  • Ensure that broken windows policing is completely stopped, so that people from immigrant communities don't get arrested for low-level offenses thereby having their criminal records automatically transferred to the federal government.

RIGHTS OF disabled New yorkers

  • Provide access to counsel and other assistance in administrative hearings as a reasonable accommodation for persons with mental impairments
  • Provide alternate formats of city documents for New Yorkers who are blind
  • Ensure adequate access to personal care services for persons with disabilities living at home
  • Create a city commission which works to promote the rights of disabled New Yorkers including investigating disability-based discrimination in the workplace
  • Install elevators and other physical structures (as part of our public works initiatives) in subway stations and other public facilities that are accessible for all NYers